Crossroads Counseling, Inc. Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS)

Program Description
The Crossroads Counseling, Inc. Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services program provides a structured therapeutic environment to children and adolescents struggling with mental health disorders that interfere with their ability to function at home, at school, and in their community.
The program provides children with individualized treatment plans to address the behavioral needs by using strength-based goals. The treatment team assists the child in becoming more functional in the child’s natural setting. 
The child, family, and school professionals will benefit from the transfer of skills from the Behavior Specialist (BSC), Mobile Therapist (MT), and Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS).

 How do I know if a child is eligible  for BHRS?
•Between the ages of 3 and 21
•Must be diagnosed with a Mental Health Disorder
•Mild to severe emotional/behavioral disorders and/or developmental delays
•Diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum
•Struggling to demonstrate appropriate behavior
•Emotional/behavioral issues impacting family relationships
•Emotional/behavioral issues impacting school performance
•Emotional/behavioral issues impacting ability to function within the community

How is a referral made?
Anyone can make a referral for a child, but most referrals should be made by a parent/guardian, school professional, or other mental health provider. Referrals can be made by calling 570-323-7535.

What happens after a referral is made?
The referral is reviewed by the treatment team and an evaluation is scheduled with children that may qualify for services. Once the child is assessed and found appropriate for BHRS, the child will be assigned to staff members.

How is BHRS funded?
There is no cost to the families with participating insurances. Currently BHRS is contracted to work with Medical Assistance and Community Care Behavioral Health (CCBH) and other Private Insurance Companies if the child has an Autism Spectrum Disorder (if they are in network with our agency).
“It’s not enough to love the children, it is necessary that they are aware that they are loved.”   -St. John Bo

How long does the program last?
The length of treatment is based on the child’s progress towards meeting their treatment goals. Family participation is needed to make it a success!

How often will the child see the Psychologist or Psychological Assessment Associate?
The child will be seen initially by the evaluator to determine if BHRS is appropriate for the child. If BHRS is prescribed, the child will begin receiving services and will be seen every 6 months. These evaluations are completed in the office setting.

Who will be working with my child?
Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC)-Master’s level team leader who creates, implements, and tracks the progress of your child’s treatment plan Mobile Therapist (MT)- Master’s level clinician who meets with your child and family in your home to strengthen self-esteem and teach appropriate skills
Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS)- Bachelor’s level clinician who transfers skills to the caregiver and demonstrates and models behaviors for the child

For more information, please contact us at 570-323-7535 or use our contact form.


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